So Honored to be Featured

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Jayne M. Booth

November 21, 2023

Jayne M. Booth, former Wyomissing resident and now

Bestselling Author, recently released the third novel in her series

Rocked in the Cradle of Coal. Jayne told us about the series.

“All my life, as a second-generation American, I listened

to my mother and aunts tell stories of growing up in poverty

in a Northeastern Pennsylvania coal town. They were five

children of a widowed Ukrainian peasant left alone to cope in a

strange country with a strange language. I loved those stories

because they instilled in me a sense of wonder and pride for

my ancestors’ grit and determination. Each story revealed that

despite hardship, these children had fun, and their love for

each other and faith in a better life never wavered. Neighbors

and friends who also had roots in coal country echoed similar

accounts... a wealth of information!

“I always knew that I wanted to write these stories as told

through the eyes of the children who had lived them. That was

my inspiration for bringing to life the Rocked in the Cradle

of Coal series of historical fiction books for children. Book 1,

Peeling Potatoes, focuses on Five-year-old Katie who must

start school a year early so Mama can work full-time.

Book 2, Tell Me About My Father, relates brother

Wasyl’s burning desire to learn answers to his difficult

questions. Book 3, From the Mine to the Mansion,

coming out in November 2023, tells Ann’s story of

bridging the divide between rich and poor. I hope

readers will learn and be entertained by these books.”

Jayne is also the author of SMASHING IDOLS:

Transform Your Body, Mind, and Spirit with a

Plant-Based Lifestyle. For more information about

these books, please see All of

Jayne’s books are available at