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Jayne M. Booth

May 21, 2023

Online Author Interview

Coming on May 27, 2023: Check out this online interview with author Jayne M. Booth:

Book Signing Event

As part of the month-long celebration of Anthracite Mining Heritage Month, the Luzerne County Historical Society is proud to host Jayne M. Booth, author of the bestselling children's book, "Peeling Potatoes: Katie's Story," Book 1 in the series, Rocked in the Cradle of Coal.

Come hear from the author about her book and the research that went into it, and pick up a copy for yourself to get signed! She will also be previewing Book 2 "Tell Me About My Father: Wasyl's Story," which is due out in February.

This event, at 2:00 pm January 29, 2023, is free and open to the public at:

The Luzerne County Historical Society Museum (Behind the Osterhout Library) at 69 South Franklin St., WIlkes-Barre, PA. 

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