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From the Mine to the Mansion: Ann's Story

Book 3 in the Rocked in the Cradle of Coal series

  At thirteen, as the oldest child in her family, Ann bravely steps into the role of an adult, working full-time in service to a wealthy family uptown. In the mansion on the hill, she meets the class differences and modern conveniences that separate her family's neighborhood of mine-owned company houses and the luxuries her employers take for granted.

   Ann and several other female servants share all the trials and adventures of teenage life and love as they adjust to their new "big girl" roles while experiencing the culture shock of living between rich versus poor and child versus adult. In the process, Ann finds new friends and support from unexpected sources. She discovers that people everywhere are just people, and we all must learn to help each other.

Available on starting November 13, 2023



As a retired homeschool mom of 20+ years, I've always enjoyed 
learning and teaching history through historical fiction. This series of 
eBooks are to the coal towns of Pennsylvania as the Little House on the
Prairie are to the western prairies. They are fun and teach morals that
our 21st century young people need to learn.

I have enjoyed watching the kids (in the series) grow up and am re-
minded of the struggles those generations before us endured. Her
stories teach us more than just about growing up with hardships, but
of strength, opportunities, and gratefulness. If you haven't read Peeling 
Potatoes and Tell Me About My Father, you need to add those to your
must-read list as well.

A look back at the early mining familes' way of life and the tough
times they had to endure. Jayne M. Booth is one of my favorite new 

Leaving school and stepping out of her comfort zone wasn't easy, but
Ann faces the challenges head on while keeping the love of her family 
as a support. Wonderful life stories that can benefit readers of all ages.

I finished this book with a warm smile on my face and a feeling of I
wish it hadn't ended.